Mining Industry Consultant Association provide water management services for both international and local mines.  We have a team of hydrologists, engineers, and hydrogeologists who will create the best solutions for your water issues on your mining site. We have worked on a wide variety of sites, and this has taught us to treat every site as unique, delivering our services to meet the challenges peculiar to each location.

Our team boasts of decades of experience working in different practice areas related to mining, and this collective experience is employed in our service delivery. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can make well-informed decisions on various aspects. This is what differentiates our solutions from every other – they are provided from a position of information. We ensure that we fully understand your operations before making any recommendations and offering solutions that will plug the performance gaps and help improve your business.

Implementation with us is a thorough and detailed process that we don’t do it alone. We believe very much in partnership, and this is how we implement our solutions and recommendations. Our team works with different corporations and companies, carrying our clients along in every stage of the implementation. This means that even when we are done with the performance, our clients are fully equipped to sustain it.  We also help corporations and companies in the mining sector to determine their efficiency after implementing the solutions. This allows us to improve our clients’ operations consistently and ensure that they remain at the top of their game for a long time.

We offer practical solutions that work to solve your water issues and help with water management on your site. This generally includes scoping studies, feasibility studies, EIAs, PEAs, mine development and closure, among many others. In our service delivery, we focus on providing cost-effective and efficient solutions and can help you to review seepage and TSF pond to make sure the water management system on your site is optimised. Our team performs a comprehensive assessment of the water management system on your site, including site discharges, dewatering, water supply dams, and surface water management.

Our water solutions include:

Water Management

We perform water balance studies for mines and prepare adequate plans for water management. You can also get regulatory reporting, sediment and pollution control, disposal of excess water, and lots more.

Groundwater Supply

Do you need to water supply in your underground mine? We can help you with the whole process from hydrogeological investigations to bore field development. We assess the different sources of water that you have and choose the most suitable in terms of cost and reliability.

Depressurisation and Dewatering

Do you need to reduce or get rid of water from your mining site? You can count on us to get it done for you. We help you assess the risk of water inflow to your mine and design the right drainage system for it.  You can rely on our services if you are seeking to ensure water compliance and environmental management on your mining site as well.