We provide expert planning, evaluation, review and development solutions and advice for all types of mines. Our team are experienced in different aspects of mining in diverse environments. This means that whether your mine is an underground or surface one and regardless of the mineral commodities that you are mining, we ensure that we deliver practical results. Our mining services focus on identifying and investigating every stage of the mining cycle to proffer the most suitable solutions for client support and project development. We pride in the technical excellence of our mining services.

Our team boasts of decades of experience working in different practice areas related to mining, and this collective experience is employed in our service delivery. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can make well-informed decisions on various aspects. This is what differentiates our solutions from every other – they are provided from a position of information. We ensure that we fully understand your operations before making any recommendations and offering solutions that will plug the performance gaps and help improve your business.

Implementation with us is a thorough and detailed process that we don’t do it alone. We believe very much in partnership, and this is how we implement our solutions and recommendations. Our team works with different corporations and companies, carrying our clients along in every stage of the implementation. This means that even when we are done with the performance, our clients are fully equipped to sustain it.  We also help corporations and companies in the mining sector to determine their efficiency after implementing the solutions. This allows us to improve our clients’ operations consistently and ensure that they remain at the top of their game for a long time.

Are you planning to start a mining project or you already have an established mining project? We can help you perform comprehensive studies on your projects that cover pre-feasibility, feasibility, and concept studies. Doing this before you commence your projects ensures that we can help you to maximise your project value. Our mining studies can be focused on mineral commodities, the diverse environment, or both.

We have engineers who have performed independent valuations, estimations, reporting, and planning for underground and surface mines in different parts of the world. This means our team have the practical experience and skill to improve the viability of your projects and prepare you for every challenge you may encounter in the course of executing the projects.

Our mining solutions include:

  • Mining studies
  • Assurance
  • Estimation of ore reserve
  • Improvement of productivity
  • Expert evaluation
  • Reviews of Reserve Assessment

We deliver our mining solutions by:

  • Implementing strategic approaches that align with the desired outcome of your project
  • Integrating knowledge and experience based on hundreds of projects to ensure the success of yours
  • Providing recommendations and advice to meet complex challenges
  • Delivering result that meets the investors’ requirements and aids their decision making
  • Working with other technical experts such as geologists to develop an integrated, effective, and practical solution.