The geological database is very crucial to a mining company. In fact, it is one of its most important assets. It basically contains all the necessary evidence and information that the company needs to make its strategic decisions. This includes the data used for reserves and resources estimation. Creating an effective geological database is a tricky process that requires planning and consideration. The maintenance is even more challenging. When a mining company needs to create a geological database, those usually responsible for the whole process are geologists, database administrators, and exploration managers. They are responsible for gathering the data needed to create the database and regularly updating it to ensure that the database remains effective and increase the productivity of the company.

This course focuses on the process involved in designing, developing, maintaining, and verifying geological databases. Doing this ensures the logical and physical integrity of the databases and the course trains professionals in the process involved. We have experts as facilitators who will explore different aspects of the geological database, especially as it relates to its application in the mining industry. It is a one-day course, and the focus is on practical training rather than bombarding you with theoretical information that you will not be able to apply in practice. This course shows our dedication to practicality above every other thing, and by the end of it, participants are capable of creating a geological database for their company.

Learning Goals

  • The goals of the course are the things that a participant is supposed to have achieved upon completion. By the end of this course, a participant will be able to:
  • Recognise the various kinds of database systems and the differences between them
  • Understand the basics of relational geological databases
  • Understand the Structured Query Language database definition, querying, and modification as well as its importance for communication with a database.
  • Acquire the skills for designing geological databases free of errors
  • Obtain skills needed to implement geological databases using Microsoft Access


The facilitators for the course are experienced professionals who do not just have academic expertise but practical experience as well. They are well-trained experts who have developed open-source software that is applicable to different aspects of mining, geo-informatics, and geoscience. The facilitators are consultants who have worked on projects involving commodities such as nickel, gold, chromium, and copper. With this considerable practical experience also come academic experience teaching courses such as geostatistics and geology in different universities.

Who Can Take the Course?

This training course is designed for and open to all professionals working in the mining industry, especially those working with drill hole or geological databases. This includes geologists, engineers, metallurgists, and others. A background in mathematics may be useful for this course, but it is not required to take it. If you are working in a subsector of the mining industry that deals with data and, then this course is for you. You will learn the fundamentals of Access, SQL, and SQLite, and also gain practical insights.

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