Mining Industry Consultant Association understands the importance of data in mining and exploration. This is why we provide data extraction and management services to suit the needs of our clients. We have data specialists who are conversant with the mining industry, and they gather and assess data before distilling it into relevant information that will serve as insights for mining companies, private investors, and anyone interested in the mining sector.

Our team boasts of decades of experience working in different practice areas related to mining, and this collective experience is employed in our service delivery. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can make well-informed decisions on various aspects. This is what differentiates our solutions from every other – they are provided from an informed position. We ensure that we fully understand your operations before making any recommendations and offering solutions that will plug the performance gaps and help improve your business.

Implementation with us is a thorough and detailed process that we don’t do it alone. We believe very much in partnership, and this is how we implement our solutions and recommendations. Our team works with different corporations and companies, carrying our clients along in every stage of the implementation. This means that even when we are done with the performance, our clients are fully equipped to sustain it.  We also help corporations and companies in the mining sector to determine their efficiency after implementing the solutions. This allows us to improve our clients’ operations consistently and ensure that they remain at the top of their game for a long time.

Having valuable data in your possession means that you can make better decisions on all your projects. We handle all aspects of your data management, which means you can trust us to deliver data solutions that work perfectly for your needs. The accuracy of the insights and results we provide is never in doubt because we handle the whole process.  We are not just gathering data for its sake but with a focus in mind. The focus is on the improvement of your operations, and this is why our data comes with practical application that works perfectly for you.

Despite the priceless value of the insights derived from our data, we ensure that the service is budget-friendly and accessible not only to the large multinational mining corporations but the small local ones as well. This is what makes us the leading mining consultancy association in Australia and beyond.

Our experts are independent and well-trained analysts with a mind of their own. This ensures that the data is never flawed and we exercise due diligence to deliver the most accurate and valid insights.

Our Data solutions include:

Data Services

This focuses on data collection using the best practices, validation of maps and geological data, 3D and 2D visualisation output, GIS drafting and Cartography, Geoscientific information management, etc.

Technology Services

These focus on using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Business Intelligence tools, and Web-based applications to collect, analyse, and interpret data.