We provide corporate advice such as independent reporting and expert valuation to companies and corporations seeking to determine the options, risks, and value of their mining investments. Our corporate clients include small and large mining companies, investment banks, private investors, legal and financial services groups, etc. Our corporate advice and strategies cover mining, evaluation, exploration, and development projects.

Our team boasts of decades of experience working in different practice areas related to mining, and this collective experience is employed in our service delivery. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can make well-informed decisions on various aspects. This is what differentiates our solutions from every other – they are provided from a position of information. We ensure that we fully understand your operations before making any recommendations and offering solutions that will plug the performance gaps and help improve your business.

Implementation with us is a thorough and detailed process that we don’t do it alone. We believe very much in partnership, and this is how we implement our solutions and recommendations. Our team works with different corporations and companies, carrying our clients along in every stage of the implementation. This means that even when we are done with the performance, our clients are fully equipped to sustain it.

We also help corporations and companies in the mining sector to determine their efficiency after implementing the solutions. This allows us to improve our clients’ operations consistently and ensure that they remain at the top of their game for a long time.

Our corporate consultancy services help clients to make investment decisions based on adequate information delivered by us. Geological complexities and data are watered down into simple and easy to understand and relatable information which shareholders and private investors leverage for success.

Our mining-related corporate solutions include:

Due Diligence

This focus on detailed technical audits, identification and mitigation of risks, Gap, Fatal Flaw, and SWOT analysis.

Independent Reports

We provide comprehensive and objective reports such as Technical Assessment reports, Expert Witness reports, Competent Person report, Compliance reports, Internal corporate reports, expert reports, etc.


We help clients with an objective and accurate valuation of exploration projects, operational costs of mining assets, development properties, tax matters, etc.

Corporate Advice

We assist clients with mergers and acquisition, and provide advice on Geo-corporations, identifying assets to be sold, board support, etc.

We deliver our corporate solutions by

  • Providing clients with tangible data and feasible solutions derived from in-depth research for corporate transactions
  • Delivering franks and comprehensive analysis of factors that may affect the viability and feasibility of a mining project
  • Breaking down technical information and data into practical strategy and advice on the options, risks, and value on an asset
  • Understanding the uniqueness and dynamic nature of each investment. As well as the risks associated with each mineral resources and jurisdictions

Using the experience and expertise of professionals in various fields to get a full picture of the international mining industry