Mining Industry Consultancy Association is a leading consultant for the mining sector in Australia and beyond. We have executed thousands of projects, both locally and globally, servicing clients from different parts of the world. We have worked with various companies, both small businesses and corporations and helped them to improve their projects and service delivery. The quality of our services has made it easy for us to retain clients who try us for the first time.

Our team boasts of decades of experience working in different practice areas related to mining, and this collective experience is employed in our service delivery. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can make well-informed decisions on various aspects. This is what differentiates our solutions from every other – they are provided from an informed position. We ensure that we fully understand your operations before making any recommendations and offering solutions that will plug the performance gaps and help improve your business.

Implementation with us is a thorough and detailed process that we don’t do it alone. We believe very much in partnership, and this is how we implement our solutions and recommendations. Our team works with different corporations and companies, carrying our clients along in every stage of the implementation. This means that even when we are done with the performance, our clients are fully equipped to sustain it.  We also help corporations and companies in the mining sector to determine their efficiency after implementing the solutions. This allows us to improve our clients’ operations consistently and ensure that they remain at the top of their game for a long time.

We are capable of providing you with the support you need for your project. Regardless of the mining project that you are executing, we can tailor our service to fit into it, and our team possess the technical skills and experience needed to help you maximise the opportunities for your projects.

We provide support for:

Junior Companies

If you are starting in the mining industry, you need all the help and expertise you can get to reach your potential, and we can serve as your trusted partner in the journey. We have worked with junior companies in the past, helping them assess opportunities during project acquisition and will provide you with similar services.

Mining Companies

We assist mining companies that are already established in the local or international sector to widen their technical limits in terms of exploration, using integrated approaches.

Large Corporations and Government

Conglomerates and government departments can also take advantage of our integrated and comprehensive expertise to optimise their mining projects.

Regardless of the project, you have in mind and the commodity, you can count on us to give you top-notch support services.  Below are a few examples of commodities we have experience in:


We help clients explore and develop gold projects in different parts of the world, including Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.


We have managed copper mining and exploration throughout the world, employing different methods of copper mineralisation and using the best copper extraction techniques.

Other commodities include

  • Nickel
  • Industrial minerals
  • Diamonds
  • Iron ore, etc.