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The Mineral Industry
Consultant Association

We are dedicated to assisting clients in making the most of every mining project they embark on. We provide mining-specific services that will help our clients reduce costs and increase the productivity of their operations.

Our Team of Consultants
are Experienced

Our team of consultants are experienced professionals who have spent decades working in the mining sector. This is why we can identify opportunities for improvement in your operations, recommend the right solutions and implement them accordingly. Our clients bank on us because they know we can easily identify the potentials in their mining operations and tailor solutions towards maximising the potential.

At the Mining Industry Consultant Association, our solutions are sustainable and, as we seek to turn your mining operations into world-class ones, we also ensure that it does no damage to the environment whatsoever. We provide strategic advice and services to corporations and companies in the mining industry.

What We Do

Our services are specific to the mining sector. Each of them is tailored to help clients maximise the potential of their operations in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. We can easily identify the performance gaps in your mining operations and implement solutions to close these gaps. Our services are diverse, focusing on using an innovative approach to provide successful solutions to meet clients’ needs.

These services cut across different areas which include:

Corporate _

Mining Industry Consultant Association provides corporate advice such as independent reporting and expert valuation to companies and corporations seeking to determine the options, risks, and value of their mining investments. Our corporate clients include small and large mining companies, investment banks, private investors, legal and financial services groups, etc. Our corporate advice and strategies cover mining, evaluation, exploration, and development projects.

Mining _

Mining Industry Consultant Association provides expert planning, evaluation, review and development solutions and advice for all types of mines. Our team are experienced in different aspects of mining in diverse environments. This means that whether your mine is an underground or surface one and regardless of the mineral commodities that you are mining, we ensure that we deliver practical results. Our mining services focus on identifying and investigating every stage of the mining cycle to proffer the most suitable solutions for client support and project development. We pride in the technical excellence of our mining services.


Mining Industry Consultant Association has a team of seasoned mining veterans and uses state of the art equipment combined with world-class techniques for the exploration and discovery of mineral resources. We have managed different exploration projects in the past, and we use this experience to manage yours most efficiently. We can help you take your mining project from concept to prospect.

Water _

Mining Industry Consultant Association provide water management services for both international and local mines. We have a team of hydrologists, engineers, and hydrogeologists who will create the best solutions for your water issues on your mining site.

Data _

Mining Industry Consultant Association understands the importance of data in mining and exploration. This is why we provide data extraction and management services to suit the needs of our clients.

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