MICA Membership

If you are a minerals professional and satisfy the admission requirements set out under the MICA Rules (the primary requirement being that you have 10 years relevant experience as a minerals consultant), you may apply for Membership of Mica Inc. and to use the post-nominal MMICA.

As a member of MICA you will receive regular newsletters, information on events for consultants, access to information sheets and guides and access via the AusIMM to a network of online industry publications.

Upon acceptance, applicants must pay a joining fee of $200, after which there is no annual membership fee unless the applicant wishes to appear on the MICA Register.

You will need to complete the appropriate application for membership form, and have read the MICA Rules.

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Register Listing

Financial Members are listed MICA register, which is  included in your annual Membership, the annual  fee which is currently $150.00


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