Mica History

MICA’s Origin

2014 will be the 33rd anniversary year for the Mineral Industry Consultants Association (MICA).

MICA began as a society within the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM).  It was originally founded in1981 and its initial Board comprised of eight elected members: RD Butler, CW Marshall AO, D J McGary, SS Pullar, JK Sturgess, D Svenson, M Ward and Dr B K Welch, plus two members representing the Council of The Institute: D C Tennent and Dr D O Zimmerman. C.W. Marshall was the first Chairman.

A list of all MICA chairmen since inauguration is tabulated below.

1981-83 Charles W Marshall AO
1984 David C Tennent Member
1985 Jack K Sturgess
19856-87 Terry V Willsteed Member
1988-89 Jock F Gilfillan Member
1990-91 Ron D Butler Member
1992 John H Tankard Member
1993 Rebecca Norton
1995-96 Brian White Member
1997-98 Ron D Butler Member
1999-2006 Carlos Sorentino Member
2006- John Dunlop Member

 The first MICA Board of Management for the year 1981 comprised of  8 elected members:

  1. R D Butler
  2. C W Marshall AO
  3. D J McGary
  4. S S Pullar
  5. J K Sturgess
  6. D Svenson
  7. M Ward
  8. Dr B K Welch

Representing the Council of The Institute:

  1. D C Tennent
  2. Dr D O Zimmerman

 MICA’s Objectives

MICA is the professional association of consultants, primarily (but not necessarily) based in Australasia to provide technical advisory services to the mineral industry both within Australasia, and worldwide. It was founded in 1981 as a society of The AusIMM and administered by a Board of eight directors, elected by the members. It was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 of New South Wales on 18 November 2002 and de-incorporated in 2010.

During 2013, MICA and the AusIMM agreed that MICA and the AusIMM Consultant’s Society operate as separate entities. As a consequence, MICA reincorporated to give this agreement effect.  In exchange the Institute returned MICA’s funds in hand as at its de-incorporation in 2010.  MICA now exists as an upward professional development pathway for AusIMM CONSOC consultants.

The role of the Society is to ensure that the needs of members, the profession and the business community are maintained and protected. The framework of the Society is intended to protect and support these interests, whilst ensuring its members gain appropriate recognition on a professional basis.

Member consultants supply a wide range of specialist mineral-related services. The Web Register lists close to 100 different specialisations offered by members, some of which are, mine planning and design, to resource and reserve estimation, geo-statistics, independent expert valuations, project appraisals, exploration planning and management, metallurgy, environmental planning and management, expert witness, arbitration and mediation, etc.

The principle objectives of MICA are:

  • To provide a service to those persons or organisations requiring competent, reputable, reliable and unbiased professional advice in the mineral, extractive and resource related Industries.
  • To protect its members from the actions of persons or organisations that might erode its standards of professional conduct and/or the ability of its members to consult.
  • To maintain a Register of its members.
  • To act for members in matters of common concern.
  • To promote the interests of its members by maintaining and enhancing their status.
  • To work with kindred organizations on matters of mutual interest and to enhance the public standing of the profession.
  • To undertake on behalf of its members such commercial or financial activities that are for the benefit of the membership.

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