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Member Details Specialties
  • Metallurgy and Mineral Processing
  • Feasibility Studies
    Flowsheet Development and Plant Design
  • Bio-Leaching
  • Metallurgical Project Management
  • Feasibility studies, flowsheet development plant design, project management and general management of alluvial, mineral sand and industrial minerals operations
  • Mineral Processing & Hydrometallurgy
  • Plant Design & Feasibility Studies
    Process Risk Assessment
  • Process Investigations
  • Project Appraisals
    Operational Management
  • Mineral Processing & Metallurgy
  • Gold and Base Metals
  • Coal Preparation
  • Process Design
    Process Control
  • Mineral Processing
  • Feasibility Studies – Design
    Due Diligence
    Project Management
  • Operations, Project and Technology Assessments
  • Mineral Processing Feasibility
    Due Diligence Audits of Process Sites
  • Extractive Metallurgy (particularly hydrometallurgical technology)
  • Feasibility Studies : Project Development
    R&D(carbon-in-pulp, heap and pressure leaching)
  • Mineral Processing
  • Feasibility Studies
    Project Execution & Management
    Solvent Extraction
    Heap Leaching
    Metallurgy amd mineral processing
  • Project Development & Assessment
  • Valuation
    Mineral Processing
  • Feasibility Studies & Project Development
  • Technical Audits & Due Diligence Studies
    Mineral Processing
  • Metallurgical Operations
  • Process Development and Plant Design
    Technical Audits and Process Optimisation
  • Mineral Processing & Metallurgy
  • New Technology Evaluation and Auditing
    Due Diligence Studies
  • Metallurgical & Mineral Processing Testwork
  • Process Design
  • Project Management
    Materials Handling
  • Metallurgical Feasibility
  • Plant Commissioning
    Project Management

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